Hot Dog: The TV Series

Hot Dog was a series about "stuff" that ran from 1970-1971 on NBC-TV, created and directed by Frank Buxton and co-produced by Frank with Lee Mendelson. The series won the prestigious Peabody Award as "Best Children's Series" in 1970, as well as the acclaim of viewers and educators across the country.

Each week the program showed where four or five common everyday items come from and answered kids' questions about them:

  • "Is that really lead in a lead pencil?"
  • "How do they make baseballs?"
  • "What makes popcorn pop?"
  • "Who invented the hot dog?"

The "hosts" — Woody Allen, comedian Jonathan Winters and JoAnne Worley (of Laugh-In fame)— would attempt to answer these questions in their own comedic way and then, through imaginative cinematography, editing and music, the actual answer was shown. Winters portrayed many of his characters as "experts," Worley worked hard to give correct answers, and Allen gave bizarre responses, as expected. Incidentally, Hot Dog was the only TV series that Woody Allen has ever done. Memorably, the Youngbloods performed some of the series' music.

A DVD release of Hot Dog is in the works.

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